Root Haven Farm is an urban market garden on 1/2 an acre of land in Jordan Station. The land has been in Cherice's family for over a century and was originally farmed by Cherice's great great grandfather (that is two "great"s) who grew vegetables. The land then progressed into an orchard where Cherice's great grandfather grew pears and peaches. Now, after many years, Cherice and Jeremy have the privilege of returning the land back to its farming roots.


Cherice studied Organic Agriculture at University of Guelph and received her Bachelors of Science in Agriculture. At the time, market gardening was a new idea to Cherice but she was totally amazed by it. Farming so many different crops on one piece of land while increasing the health of the environment was idyllic. The pairing of Cherice's post-secondary education and experience working in various growing environments vastly expanded her understanding of our food system, the earth, nutrition and plants.

Since then, Cherice started Root Haven Farm where she spends the majority of her time working to bring quality, fresh and organic veggies to your tables! 


Jeremy always had an interest in farming, but never anticipated that he would end up marrying a farmer. He grew up tinkering in his family's workshop, working on old trucks, and taking care of chickens. Jeremy loves learning, adventure, mountain biking and working with his hands.

Jeremy studied Earth Science at University of Waterloo and now works full-time as an environmental scientist. His knowledge, innovation, mechanical skill and handiness are an incredible asset for the farm. Root Haven would not be possible without him.