There is a major disconnect between the majority of the world's population and food. Many people do not think about where their food comes from or how it was produced. 

We believe people are to be stewards and caretakers of land, our bodies and communities. By farming, we are investing in the land by using practices that enhance life and improve soil health, biodiversity, water cycling, and carbon cycling. We believe locally produced food is integral to our health by reducing the environmental footprint of importing produce, improving freshness and nutrition, and fostering daily movement through being caretakers. We also believe in the responsibility of farmers to educate our communities about where food comes from and the impacts of food waste, improve food security and help people improve their relationships with the natural world and others.

We grow because we want to bridge the disconnect. We want others to experience the joy and reward of watching something grow from seed to fruit. We want to inspire others to appreciate these basic systems so they might intentionally care for these systems too. We also just love farming... the fulfillment that comes from hard work, watching plants grow- from seed to harvest, and seeing the abundance of beauty, life, and appreciation that result from stewardship. 


We use only organic practices that aim to improve organic principles- ecology, health, care and fairness. We do this by using methods that improve soil health, biodiversity, water and carbon cycles. We work to inspire care for creation by helping educate our community about the natural world. 

   More specifically, we use practices that minimize soil disturbance by reducing tillage.  Cover crops help reduce soil erosion, improve water infiltration and increase organic matter in the soil. Crop rotation helps reduce nutrient depletion of soils, improve biodiversity, and reduce soil pathogens and pests. We grow over 100 varieties of a diverse range of vegetables, melons and cut flowers that are planned in a specific orientation to attract pollinators and beneficial insects. We follow a specific soil amendment plan with only organic, chemical-free inputs to ensure our soil and crops have adequate nutrients.